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While it’s true that some of the most competitive programs like , , and have instituted some version of the , Kaplan’s research has found that the practice might not live up to the popularity its high-profile frontrunners have bestowed upon it. Only 13% of the more than 200 business schools that participated in our survey say they have cut the number of essays or words for this cycle, and only 3% of MBA programs told us that they plan to cut the essays in the next application cycle.

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Yes, we do recommend a Round 1 application to Harvard. Definitely. It’s still possible to make it in during Round 2 but you have a LOT more competition against you then (and it sounds like this year’s Round 1 was as full as ever). Regardless, a great app is needed in any round for Harvard Business School.

Harvard Business School MBA Application Essay Tips & Deadlines

“As we review your application, what more would you like us to know as we consider your candidacy for the Harvard Business School MBA Program?”
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Here’s where your application essay comes in. The essay reflects the real you, how you intend to use your MBA degree, and what kind of career you envision after graduation. It indicates your suitability and potential for the MBA program you’ve applied to, helping understand the kind of MBA student or future business leader/entrepreneur you’re most likely to become. It also reveals how much an admission into the particular B-School means to you.