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A well-written college admissions essay has the potential to get you accepted to your choice college. Most people don’t realize that the college essay is one of the most important components to the admissions application; it is the chance to show your personality. Your grades may show how well you performed in a subject, but they don’t show your depth, your sense of humor, or your maturity. Grades don’t reveal the person behind the test scores or suggest challenges overcome. Therefore, writing a solid essay is one of the key factors in gaining acceptance to the college of your choice. Essex Tutoring has partnered with LK Editorial to offer you college essay assistance services that include brainstorming, drafting and finalizing the college admission essay in a combination of email and phone consultations.
Remember, admissions teams are looking for compelling and engaging essays that tell the story of you. They are not looking for lists of accomplishments. This essay service will guide you through the essay writing process to help you shape a college admissions essay that is full of rich detail, description and narration. Get started early. Contact us about rates and timeline.

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Elizabeth was prompt and courteous. She highlighted the strengths of my essay, helped me trim out the unnecessary parts to get it below the word limit, and pointed out areas where I could improve. It was everything I was hoping for when searching for a college application essay editing service! Thanks again!