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Below we provide you a selection of MBA essay samples. It is always helpful to look at samples from other people to get some first general orientation. The examples listed below are written by our counselors and editors (many coming from prestigious schools like Harvard) and are a showcase of what you can expect if you order our essay editing service. Please be aware that these samples are for your reference only; don't simple copy the content and concepts, you will not benefit from it. It not only violates academic ethics and could lead to an automatic rejection by the admissions committee -- the point of our service is to help you construct a unique essay -- not one similar to other essays.

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MBA admission essay sample sourcing online is definitely good, but using it appropriate is vital here for all.
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As you could imagine, the process left me with a number of completed applications; including my precious essays which would sadly never see the light of day. Rather then cast them into the abyss of my My Documents folder, I felt that it might be helpful to some if I shared a sample essay response to one of the most commonly asked MBA admission essay questions. The hope is that my personal style to the essay may help spark new ideas to help enhance your own response, and ultimately increase your chances of getting into the school of your dreams. To be clear, this is not an approval to plagiarize the essay. Writing an MBA essay for admissions is a profoundly personal activity. It should reflect who you are, and not what you think the admission’s committee would like to hear.