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Few things are scarier to students than submitting their college application only to find mistakes afterward. This can lead to panicked calls to counselors and colleges, asking to resubmit their essays or correct an error. While small grammar and spelling mistakes won’t kill your college admission chances, they can lead to a lot of nightmares for Checking essays for avoidable mistakes before submitting can save students a lot of anxiety.

An effective college admissions essay is the right amount of personal and professional.
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Later in his piece, Steven notes that the college essay may be more of a psychological outlet than a practical asset in the college application process, since it's one of the only things that's still in the applicant's control during the fall of their senior year (most of their transcript and scores are already behind them.) Joie Jager-Hyman said she agreed with that assessment. "There’s so much anxiety right now in the air," she said. "It’s the thing they feel like they have power over." She also noted that focus on the essay could help kids become better writers in the long-run, even if it might not necessarily make or break their college admissions chances, and "that's not totally a bad thing."

Have Fun When You Write Your College Admission Essay

So, here is a list of 10 topics to avoid in your essay for college admission.
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Student should try not to see college as a test. There is no right or wrong answer. The better view, one that aligns with the intentions of admissions committees, is to view the essay as an opportunity to go beyond test scores and GPAs, and paint a portrait of a living, breathing student. Choosing Prompt #1 will reduce the waste of time and energy a question. That energy can then be channeled to the task that matters, writing a college essay that shows admissions officers who you are and why you deserve a spot on their campus.